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Mar 13, 2021

This month's patron-funded story is "Heart's Thief" by Emily L. Byrne, narrated by Lauren B. Harris.

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Ashara slipped through the window, pulling her hook and rope in behind her. The gesture came so easily it was as if she hadn’t just had to climb the wall and pick the lock. All around her, the room was still and dark as an abyss and the night breeze sent a light shiver over her exposed arms. She wondered why she sensed no guards, no magical alarms. 

After all, she had come for the Heart of El Kyraz, a ruby big as a man’s fist. It was said that the stone had great powers if one had the strength to command it. Surely a gem merchant of Sher Kalia’s status would at least have mortal guards to protect such a jewel. Rumor held that she’d had one of the most famous wizards in the city as her lover. She’d have asked for wards, have asked him to send the cold blue light of his power around her most cherished possessions. The price of such protection would have been nothing more than pillow talk to someone as wealthy as Kalia.