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Oct 27, 2013

This week's episode is sponsored by Circlet Press. Listen through to the end for coupon codes you can use for discounts on the Circlet Press website.

"El Tigre" was written by Catherine Lundoff, which originally appeared in "Cherished Blood" from Circlet Press. It's read for us by Audrey Lusk, with background music by

Oct 20, 2013

Quiver and Arch presents the first chapter in a new audio drama series, The Apsinthion Protocol, adapted from The Tales of Gnosis College by Iago Faustus.  


Directed by Nobilis Reed


Nanetta.....,,,,,,,,,,,,Siouxie Q

Moira........,,,,,,,,,,,,Ellen Pike

Professor Corwin,,,,,Josh Roseman


Oct 16, 2013

A very short episode to give you some news.

One: I read a story at the Crime City Central Podcast

Two: New sponsor coming up

Three: New Tales of Gnosis College audio drama coming up