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Jan 16, 2021

This month's patron-funded story comes to us from Nyla Lustre, and is read for us by Opoponax of the Flash Pulp podcast.

Test Subjects Wanted

Earn extra credit and extra cash while you advance science!

Flexible appointments

Contact Professor Farough, Faculty Office B6


Macy took one of the flyers pinned to the bulletin board outside the psychology lab and carefully tucked it into her canvas backpack. She wasn’t doing as well as she had hoped in her abnormal psychology class and could use both the extra points and extra cash. She’d never had Dr. Farough for any of her classes, but she’d heard that he was an eccentric teacher.

After her last class of the day, she headed over to the faculty building and wound her way down an ancient staircase to the basement level. The dim lighting overhead made the corridor look extra creepy. She only saw one light on, spilling through a half opened door. Crossing her fingers that she hadn’t made the journey for nothing, she crept up to the door. Dr. Farough was on the phone, whispering.

“I know I said it’d be ready next month, but more testing is needed,” he said, nervously tapping his fingers against his desk. As if sensing her presence, he turned to the door and motioned that she sit in an uncomfortable lumpy chair on the other side of his scarred wooden desk.