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Feb 24, 2018

This month's patron-funded story is "For Science!" by Julie Cox.  It's a (nearly entirely) gay story with a bit of genderfuckery. If you like her stories, consider joining Julie's Patreon...

Jan 13, 2018

"Midnight Snack" was written by William Crimson and is narrated by Nobilis Reed. 

This episode was funded by the generosity of the Nobilis Erotica Patreon donors.

CONTENT WARNING: Monster sex with dubious consent

If you like this story, why not call the voicemail line, contact us on Twitter, or join the Nobilis...

Dec 9, 2017

This month's patron-funded story is "Dionaea Muscipula" by Melinda Combs, narrated by Lauren Harris.


Nov 11, 2017

The patron-supported episode for November is "Thumbling" by Elizabeth Black, read by Nobilis Reed

WARNING: This episode contains a depiction of sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.


Oct 14, 2017

This episode is the final installment of "Dungeon" by Marjorie Greene, narrated by Honey Rambler.

There's also an announcement of the Circlet Press Kickstarter, which includes an anthology I'm editing as a stretch goal! Go check it out.

This episode is supported by the generosity of Nobilis Erotica listeners! To become...