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Feb 17, 2018

This month's Circlet Press sponsored episode is "Hysterical Friction," a Steampunk story by Thomas S Roche.

It's read for us by Veronica Giguere.

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Jan 13, 2018

"Midnight Snack" was written by William Crimson and is narrated by Nobilis Reed. 

This episode was funded by the generosity of the Nobilis Erotica Patreon donors.

CONTENT WARNING: Monster sex with dubious consent

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Dec 30, 2017

A Beastly Affair Cover

This month's Circlet-sponsored story is "Deflowered" by Avery Vanderlyle.

This story appears in the anthology "A Beastly Affair: Erotic Stories of Beauty and the Beast," edited by J Blackmore, and available now from Circlet Press.  Listen through to the end for a coupon code for 50% off when buying this ebook on the...

Dec 9, 2017

This month's patron-funded story is "Dionaea Muscipula" by Melinda Combs, narrated by Lauren Harris.


Nov 23, 2017

Episode 4 of Incubus Caged by Abigail Hilton, read by Lauren Harris

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