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Feb 24, 2024

This month's patron-funded story is The Fishbowl by C Lenz.  It's narrated by Vivienne Ferrari.

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“This is a bit public, isn’t it?”

“As public as it gets, babe,” Lily replied. The small plexiglass dome affectionately known as the Fishbowl jutted out of the space station, letting them float above earth. The observation deck was theoretically available to all employees, but most didn’t spend their time off looking at a planet they may never set foot on again. “All those billionaires still rich enough to live on the planet can see us.”

“My parents aren’t billionaires, and they live down there,” Cass said.

“Well, maybe they shouldn’t have kicked you out. Then they wouldn’t be subjected to this show.”


Lily ducked her head down. In zero gravity, she had to keep her arms wrapped around Cass’s thighs to keep herself in position.