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Just to prove I'm not a COMPLETE perv...

Jan 31, 2015

I narrated a story for the Starship Sofa podcast.  You can find it here:

Jan 30, 2015

This episode is sponsored by Circlet Press.  "EROS and the Murdering Succubus" appears this month in "Like a Mystery Uncovered" by Shawn Erin.

Jan 24, 2015

This week's story is "Repair Mission" by Annabeth Leong, read by the fabulous Beq Vyper. The story appears in the anthology "Coming Together: Among the Stars"

This anthology also contains "Birth of a Monster Whisperer," a prequel to the "Monster Whisperer" serial, which is now complete on

Also announced in...

Nobilis Erotica Patreon Campaign

Jan 19, 2015

The Patreon campaign is live!  Help us become a paying erotic speculative fiction market by going to

Monster Whisperer on Scribl

Jan 18, 2015

I've posted the final chapters of Monster Whisperer over on  It's complete there, for a limited time. It will stay available in the podcast app, but if I get a contract to publish it as a novel, it's going to come down from Scribl.

Here's how you get it:

  1. Open
  2. Login (create one if you need to)
  3. Go...