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Oct 16, 2013

A very short episode to give you some news.

One: I read a story at the Crime City Central Podcast

Two: New sponsor coming up

Three: New Tales of Gnosis College audio drama coming up

Aug 4, 2013

No story this week. Instead, a few announcements.

1 - Sizzler Editions is looking for reviewers - Get free ebooks!

2 - Operation Review Bomb - Post your review of Metharmea's Journey on August 20

3 - Reminder about the Circlet Press contest

Helpful links:

How to write a good book review

Metharmea's Journey on...

New audio comment line!

Jan 23, 2008

A very considerate listener got me an invite to the GrandCentral beta, so I have a comment line again!

It's got this nifty feature whereby you can have the system call YOU!  That's right, no toll charges to leave an audio comment for the site.