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Nov 27, 2021

This month's patron-funded story is "Moonlit Tidal Wave" by Nyla Lustre, narrated by Jo Bennett

My consentacle novel, "Monster Whisperer: Second Class" has been released in print and ebook by Riverdale Avenue Books!  Buy at that link, or search for "Monster Whisperer Second Class" on your favorite ebook...

Oct 16, 2021

This month's patron-funded story is "Infernal Machine" by Elizabeth Schechter.  This is a gay steampunk inadvertent bondage story. 

Narrated by Nobilis Reed

Sep 11, 2021

The September patron-funded story is "The Antidote" by Lisabet Sarai, narrated by Louise Cooksey.

“Yeah, I can get it—well, I can tell you where to get it. But it’s expensive.”

Merle and I huddled together on the bench in the 52nd story roof garden of the New Sears Building where we worked. Even here, talking...

Aug 28, 2021

This month's patron-funded story is "Diplomacy" by Emily L Byrne, narrated by Violet Jade. 

Captain Bridget O’Halloran smoothed her dress uniform and polished her medals with one sleeve before she pressed the glowing button that would allow her to enter Admiral Chen’s office. She managed not to run a hand through...

Aug 21, 2021

Cover art for Mind Games by Cecilia Tan

This episode is an excerpt from the audiobook "Mind Games" by Cecilia Tan, narrated by Freya Copeland, available exclusively on...