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Jul 5, 2022

Greetings, listeners!

Today, I am announcing a reorganization of the Nobilis Erotica podcast and patreon campaign. In doing this, I’m asking you to step up, and help me do something I’ve needed to do for quite some time.  The support tiers have been the same for seven years, and a lot has changed over that time, including in the world of erotic audio. 

Quite frankly, the rate that I pay voice talent is just too low. I can get narrators, as you’ve heard, but the rate I’m paying them is a fraction of what they deserve. The going rate for story narration of an hour or less is at the bare minimum two hundred dollars, but with the current podcast budget, I can only afford fifty.

The first change will be that Nobilis Erotica will be accepting advertising.  I have had a few sponsored shows in the past, but now each episode will be available for advertisers. Patrons will have access to an ad-free version in the Patreon feed. The sponsors will be vetted by me personally—nothing programmatically added without my supervision—so hopefully the ads will be interesting and relevant. 

In addition, starting in September, the monthly bonus audio will be for patrons at the three dollar tier and higher. The one dollar tier will give access to the Discord, but will have no other benefits. Polls will be run at the five dollar tier.

If my one dollar patrons step up and crank their pledges to three dollars per month, I’ll have enough money to pay one hundred dollars to voice talent.  Adding advertising will hopefully make up the difference. With that, and perhaps some of the free listeners coming on board to get the ad-free version, we can make this work. 

And if you’re already at three or five dollars, and you can afford to increase your patronage, that would help too. 

Together, we can make the Nobilis Erotica podcast respectable. Heh. Who am I kidding?  We can make it more respectable.

Thank you all for your support. Without you, none of what I’ve been able to do here would have been possible.