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Jul 25, 2020

This month's patron-funded story is "Accursed" by Lynne Sargent, read by Lauren Harris.

It finally happens one night. As she’s always been told it would. Sure, she thought that it had happened before- but she was mistaken.

Haven’t we all been?

But no, this time it happens.

They are in bed. It is a work night, and she is riding him again. They try to rotate positions, for many reasons: excitement, change, because the magazine told them to so they feel like they should. It doesn’t much matter to her, though; Mostly they all feel the same. But not this time. This time the thunder cracks outside and she feels herself crack with it.

he is conjoined with him one moment; the next she is sound. And now she knows what it is supposed to feel like.

As it reverberates through her body she keeps on plodding, rolling her hips over the valley between his thighs until his face contorts the same way she supposes hers must have. How funny, that he did not notice. That he still does not notice, but of course he is asleep before she has even dismounted.

He snores, but that night it is the echoes of the thunder that she hears in her dreams.